Acronis True Image

With Acronis True Image Home 2009 you can: 

- Create full hard drive reinforcement (equivalent to a picture of the arrangement) of the whole PC and reestablish it in the event that framework crashes. For example, You make full hard drive reinforcement and spare it on outside drive, at that point your PC will not boot by any means. What to do straightaway? You boot from Acronis bootable circle (you can make it inside the program utilizing Media Builder Option, see Acronis True Image Home 2009 manual) - > Choose to Restore choice - > Select reinforcement of the framework you recently made (it's a solitary huge record with .tib augmentation) - > and that?s all, simply hold up till reestablish process is done. Your framework with all applications, settings, messages, and information will be brought to the time reinforcement was made.

- Create record/envelope reinforcement, aside from full hard drive reinforcement you would backup be able to isolate documents and organizers, the preferred position between basic duplicate/glue is pressure level inside reinforcement file. The size of ordinary pressure is about half

- Clone plate alternative permits move all information from source hard circle to goal hard circle. For example, you need to utilize greater drive, you connect the new drive to PC - > pick Clone Disk alternative - > hold up till process is done. The goal hard plate drive will be bootable and turn into a precise of the source drive. You should simply change source drive with goal drive. Note that source drive won't be eradicated, so you can continue utilizing it. Merchant, model, and size of the new hard circles can vary from source one.

- Backup application settings, messages and framework state. Application settings reinforcement permits you back up settings of the certain applications and incases it glitch reestablish them right away. Email reinforcement ensures your email address book, records, and settings. Framework state reinforcement spare current Windows settings.


- Try&Decide Try new programming and peruse the web without imperiling your PC from malware or obscure programming. Subsequent to testing, you can conclude whether to keep or dispose of changes to your framework.

- Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. Boot your PC after an inability to begin the recuperation procedure basically by choosing the F11 key, regardless of whether your working framework has fizzled.

- Incremental and Differential Backups. Spare plate reality by performing differential and gradual reinforcements.

- Live Backups. Reinforcement from Windows while running different applications.

- Backup Scheduling. Run reinforcements naturally at preset or slipped by the time when the client is inert, on client log/logout, on framework startup/shutdown, and in a joint effort with different occasions.

- Acronis Secure Zone. Secure your framework by sparing a picture to a unique concealed segment on your hard circle where it very well may be recovered after a debacle.

- Zip chronicle design support. Notwithstanding Acronis incredible .tib information pressure reinforcement group you can spare your information in .zip arrange and recuperate it without Acronis True Image program.

- Windows Vista style interface.

- Automatic PC shutdown after reinforcement or rebuilding wraps up.

- Archive to different spots. You can spare full, steady and differential reinforcements anyplace. You now you have extreme adaptability in picking a spot to store from similar information arrangement: on a system share, CD/DVD, USB stick, FTP-server, any nearby inner or outside hard drive. You can now likewise give significant names to gradual and differential reinforcements, for instance, "C-drive-before-repartitioning".

- Making save duplicates of your reinforcements. You can make hold duplicates of your reinforcements and spare them on a system drive, or a USB stockpiling gadget. You have a decision of making a save duplicate as ordinary (level) documents, a .compress packed record, and a .tib document.

- Consolidation. You can characterize rules for uniting your files to lessen extra room. Consolidation a more established full reinforcement with a few gradual reinforcements to rapidly make another full reinforcement; resulting reinforcements depend on the recently made full reinforcement.

- Exclude Files and Folders. Back up just the information you need to keep and spare plate space. You can avoid documents by their augmentations or giving way.

- Security, execution and protection apparatuses. At the point when you supplant a hard drive on your PC, Acronis guarantees you don't accidentally give individual or authoritative information to digital hoodlums. Acronis Drive Cleanser, a $50 esteem is incorporated at no charge. It shields touchy information from seeing by cleaning a plate off all things considered. On the off chance that you don't have to eradicate the whole plate, File Shredder securely pulverizes singular documents so they can't be restored. A System tidies up utility reestablishes framework proficiency.

Bolstered OS: 

- Windows Vista (all renditions and including x64 release)

- Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3

- Windows XP Professional x64 release.

Note: Using Acronis bootable circle you can reinforcement and reestablish Linux parcels (Linux Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, and Linux SWAP) just as Windows FAT16/32, NTFS.

Least framework prerequisites:

- Pentium processor or higher

- 256 MB RAM

- CD-RW or DVD-RW drive for bootable media creation

Bolstered reinforcement stockpiling: 

- Internal and outer hard circles,

- Networked stockpiling gadgets (NAS gadgets)

- CD-R(W), DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, BD-R (Blu-beam)

- ZIP Jazz and other removable media (streak drives)

- P-ATA (IDE), S-ATA, SCSI, IEEE1394 (Firewire) and USB 1.0/2.0 drives, PC card stockpiling gadgets